Cross-Platform Development

Custom application development for web and mobile environments, eye-catching designs, ecommerce engines, hybrid and native applications, and responsive websites are all part of the Galaxy catalogue of services. Our experts hail from every technology background and are comfortable working across all leading web, OS, application, design, and programming languages.

Today’s customers – whether they’re B2B or B2C - expect real-time, multi-channel brand engagement. Moreover, these customers want the autonomy of conducting their research in the background and only engaging brands when and where they are ready.

This places enormous pressure on organizations, which must respect that customer journey while ensuring they are providing what is needed at every step of the way. With some estimates suggesting 70% of more of the buyer’s journey is completed before direct engagement, it means brands must be everywhere their customers are.

Galaxy has helped countless companies recognize and respond to these requirements. From websites and mobile applications to e-commerce engines and portals, we have enabled scores of startups, SMBs and enterprises modernize their operations to meet today’s customer at every touch point. Regardless of the environment, device, platform, language, or required aesthetics, Galaxy has very likely tackled the requirement.

We knew we had a great idea. We just need an equally great partner to help us translate that idea into the kind of mobile application that would justify it. We found that partner in Galaxy

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