Digital Marketing & Analytics

As highly experienced technologists who fully understand the inner workings of the Internet of things, Galaxy is fully capable of helping its clients build search, social, and online traffic across multiple channels and devices that attract traffic and convert a significant percentage of that traffic into customers.

The 'build it' and 'they will come' mentality may work well in hollywood fables, but in a world of nearly 1 billion websites, millions of mobile apps, and billions of hyper-connected individuals and organizations, driving traffic, generating leads, converting prospects, and growing revenue requires expert marketing.

Digital and online marketing is necessarily growing as fast – if not faster – than the technology propelling it. It has to because noise levels are drowning out the companies trying to be noticed.

We work closely with its customers – from product conceptualization to implementation and ongoing support – to ensure their businesses succeed through smart, targeted digital marketing and analytical tracking services.

Our marketing experts are highly skilled in several inbound marketing channels and ensures that our customers not only enjoy best-of-breed technology solutions that fit their business needs and operating budgets, but also the marketing and promotional support needed to drive results.