Security, Maintenance, and Support

Domain, network, software, and data security and ongoing maintenance are of paramount importance to Galaxy, which works closely with its customers to ensure that their systems not only are properly maintained and supported, but also protected from the kinds of cyber and third-party attacks commonplace with today’s increasingly interconnected systems.

Today’s technology environment is more dynamic than ever. New updates, security threats (and defenses from those threats), innovations, developments and evolving best practices mean that companies need ongoing maintenance and security support if their solutions are to remain just that – solutions.

A single successful cyber attack, a virus that slips past a firewall, or even an ignored or overlooked systems update or security patch can cripple a platform. Just as important, new industry developments and innovations can dramatically improve a system’s performance – but only if you’re made aware of it.

At Galaxy, our goal is not simply to provide our customers with world-class solutions. We also strive to maintain and constantly improve those platforms, applications, and enterprise installations so our customers can focus on doing what they do best.

Furthermore, we work hard to stay abreast of the very latest industry developments and to pass those along to our customers. These helps keep our customer's long-term costs down and results up.

Every Galaxy customer can expect ongoing, hands-on maintenance, support and security services to ensure their sites, applications, and systems are dependable, secure from outside threats, and performing at optimal levels. Our handoff from project management to ongoing account management is seamless, our scope of post-production services are comprehensive, and our global customer service team is highly responsive.

We were very pleased with the way Galaxy handled our project. They went above and beyond in providing solutions to question that arose during the development phase. Amit was essential in the success of our platform. Instead of simply doing what we thought we needed, him and his team took the time to understand ALL of our needs and design and create a system that met those needs. I look forward to working with them again on the second phase of this project.

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