Apple WWDC 7 June 2021 Keynote Highlights

Apple knows how to make an entrance and the opening keynote of the WWDC 2021 that took place on 7th June was no different. It had everything for Apple’s line of devices from watchOS to macOS.

Although there were no new product announcements in this opening keynote, there are a few products that are awaiting upgrade like Macs with Apple M1X or M2 processors, which we can expect later this year. 

Highlights From Apple’s June WWDC 

The clear focus of this keynote was shared experiences and privacy. Here are some of the software updates planned for the autumn event that Craig along with the team showcased. 

iOS 15

The phones are getting bigger and more powerful so the software should follow suit. The next-gen iOS 15 brings powerful sharing and interoperability-rich features. As usual, it will also feature some tweaks to the interface and crucial security fixes.

Here are some of the iOS 15 features that were previewed ahead of the Autumn event: 

  • FaceTime Links
  • Interactive Memories within Photos
  • Keys & ID cards in Wallet
  • New night mode for Apple Maps
  • Notifications Summary
  • Live text
  • Focus
  • Enhanced offline Siri support

While a pre-release beta was made available for developers as the keynote came to a close, public beta is promised in July.  

iPadOS 15

iPad offers a different utility than that of iPhones and considering its significant user base it made sense that it had its OS and so it got it not long back in 2019. Both the platforms have similarities but the announcements made were hinting towards a more refined aesthetic and UX for iPadOS. 

Here are some of the iPadOS 15 features that were previewed ahead of the Autumn event: 

  • Larger Widget size for a bigger screen
  • App Library
  • Multitasking control menu
  • System-wide Quick notes
  • Swift Playgrounds is a fun way to learn to code on an iPad

iPadOS 15 is also intended to solve the stability issues of iPadOS 14.

macOS Monterey

The macOS 12 is now called Monterey. Craig showcased a host of new features along with the futuristic Universal Control and its crazy ability to utilize a single trackpad or mouse to move across mac and other Apple devices for interoperability. 

Here are some of the ‘Monterey’ features that were previewed ahead of the Autumn event: 

  • Shortcuts on macOS
  • AirPlay to mac
  • Spatial Audio
  • Redesigned Safari
  • Universal Control

watchOS 8

This update for watchOS 8 is about health and primarily mindfulness. It features a new Mindfulness app that integrates the existing Breathe app with a refreshed UI alongside a new Reflect experience which suggests mindful concepts to practice. 

Here are some of the watchOS 8 features that were previewed ahead of the Autumn event: 

  • Dynamic portrait photo face
  • Mindfulness app
  • Memories on Photos
  • Directly share photos with messages

tvOS 15

Although there were no updates that were geared towards tvOS, there are a few to accompany other devices like new multi-window security camera views for HomeKit-enabled cameras, Spatial Audio for compatible AirPods, and Watch Together support for iOS 15’s Share Play.

Other Updates

AirPods – AirPods were showcased with a new feature called Conversation boost that helps reduce ambient noise and provides boosted vocals for the hearing impaired. Also, AirPods are now a part of Find My network. 

iCloud+ –  This is more of an iCloud rebrand than an update but there are some new benefits like Encrypted online browsing and Hide my Email with unlimited temporary emails.


With this update Apple stands to change sharing, communication, and privacy for the Apple ecosystem, making it even more fluid, consistent, and tight-knit. All that was showcased in the keynotes was exciting but Universal Control stood out for us. We can’t wait to see it in action and catch that Minority Report feels. 


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