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Need more functionality to deliver a better shopping experience? Expand your store’s capabilities with custom plugin development or existing plugin customization.

Add custom plugins to your online store and deliver new features to improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

  • Enhance overall site performance by 25%
  • Increase user engagement on key pages by 35%
  • Reduce vulnerabilities by 45%
  • Increase conversion rates by 30%

How We Can Help You In Developing & Customizing Plugins?

plugin customization

Identifying Custom Plugin Requirements

Frustrated with the limitations of existing plugins? With add-ons that cater to your specific requirements, gain access to enhanced functionality, seamless operations, and improved user experiences.

  • Identifying specific feature requirements
  • Evaluating and outlining detailed specifications of desired plugin
  • Checking existing plugins with similar specifications
  • Checking platform’s technical feasibility and compatibility
  • Identifying the appropriate technology stack

Building Custom Plugins

Bring more features to life and expand the capability of your online store with custom plugins.

  • Planning the plugin functionality
  • Developing the custom plugin
  • Installing and configuring the plugin on the store
  • Testing and verifying the plugin
  • Optimizing plugins to maintain its performance and compatibility
plugin customization
plugin customization

Customizing Existing Plugins

Improve the potential of your online store by customizing and fine-tuning existing plugins to improve performance, user experience, and overall functionality.

  • Evaluating the existing plugins that require optimization and customization
  • Analyzing current plugin performance and pinpointing areas for improvement
  • Analyzing new capability requirements for the plugin
  • Assessing compatibility and integration requirements for seamless operation
  • Customizing the plugin
  • Testing and verifying the refined plugin
  • Optimizing plugins to maintain its performance and compatibility

Managing Third-Party Integrations With Dedicated Plugins

Do you have multiple third-party integration with your online store? We can streamline the interactions with dedicated plugins.

  • Understanding and prioritizing essential third-party integrations
  • Analyzing platform’s compatibility and integration requirements
  • Developing custom plugins or customizing existing plugins
  • Optimizing plugins for enhanced performance and adaptability
  • Connecting your store with third-party services
plugin customization
plugin customization

Assuring Quality Of The Custom Plugins

Worried about the quality of the custom plugins? We conduct extensive tests and deliver high quality, high performance and reliable custom plugins.

  • Identifying key performance indicators and objectives for each plugin
  • Developing a detailed testing plan to evaluate the functionality and compatibility of plugins
  • Testing the functionality and compatibility of the plugin
  • Addressing any issues discovered during testing
  • Conducting compatibility tests with various browsers, devices, and eCommerce platforms
  • Optimization to maintain plugin performance and reliability

Getting Affordable Plugin Maintenance & Support

Keep your eCommerce store running efficiently with cost-effective plugin maintenance and support.

  • Understanding your online store's plugin maintenance and support requirements
  • Offering a custom maintenance plan
  • Monitoring and updating plugins for optimal performance and compatibility
  • Addressing any compatibility or functionality issues
  • Ensuring performance across different browsers, devices, and eCommerce platforms
  • Providing prompt and efficient support to quickly resolve any plugin-related concernsEnsure data security to prevent data loss or unauthorized access.
  • Optimizing plugins to adapt to evolving market demands and technology advancements
plugin customization

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Why 200+ eCommerce Business Owners Trust Galaxy As Their Technology Partner for Custom Plugin Development & Customization?

Because we helped eCommerce Businesses:

We automated tasks to avoid repetitions as much as possible. We then developed custom plugins to integrate the tasks with third-party tools to execute specific tasks faster and in a better manner.

We analyzed customer data to identify opportunities where customers are likely to discover and purchase more products. Based on the analysis we developed custom plugins for upsell and cross-sell opportunities, discounts for bulk purchases and more.

We developed custom plugins to address the needs such as simplifying the checkout process, and offering personalized theme based and event based product recommendations.

We developed custom plugins where customers can view existing reviews and also share their experience with the product. This helped to get a better understanding of products based on real reviews.

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Questions You May Have

The development time for a custom plugin depends on its complexity, features, and integration requirements. Typically, plugin development can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. We will provide a project timeline based on your specific requirements.

The cost of developing a custom plugin depends on various factors such as complexity, features, and the level of plugin customization required. Once we understand your specific needs, we will provide a detailed quote for your project.

Yes, our team can help you choose the best plugins for eCommerce website and mobile along with improving your existing plugins. We assess your current plugins and provide a tailored solution to address any issues or areas for improvement.

We offer theme customization services to ensure that your eCommerce website has a cohesive look and feel that aligns with your brand identity. Our team of experts can assist you in tailoring your theme to perfectly match your preferences and requirements

We understand the importance of providing a seamless user experience across all devices. Our custom plugins are designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring a consistent experience for your customers, whether they’re browsing your online store on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.