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Why Pay High Commission To Marketplaces When You Can Sell Your Products On Your Own Online Store?

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From selecting the right platform to optimizing your online store for maximum sales, we have the expertise to help you overcome any challenge and start selling online.

  • Enhance brand identity and growth without marketplace
  • Create your own USP
  • Get better control over customer experience
  • Save at least 40% in marketplace commissions

How We Build Online Stores?

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Recommending The Best Ecom Platform For Your Business

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento - still confused about what to choose? We will help you figure out the best fit for your business.

  • Understanding of business objectives & expectations.
  • Extensive research on available ecommerce platforms.
  • Shortlisting the best web and mobile platforms for the business.

Setting Up Your eCommerce Store

We'll configure your selected eCommerce platform to ensure all your products are easy to access and transitions are smooth for users.

  • Creating a custom design for your online store.
  • Configuring the back-end based on product list and other preferred features.
  • Integrating third-party applications.
  • Adding and organizing the product list.
  • Creating and verifying the user journey for web and mobile.
ecommerce store
ecommerce store

Plugins Customization & Development

Looking for features to enhance your customer's shopping experience? We can help you with custom plugins to deliver the expected functionalities.

  • Evaluating the specification of your desired functionality.
  • Checking feasibility of creating custom plugin for the functionality
  • Developing the plugin
  • Ensuring compliance of the plugin with platform guidelines
  • Implementing and verifying the plugin’s mechanism
  • Optimizing the plugin for best performance

Adding New Features & Functionality

Looking to add a new feature but you have limited options with plugins to help you develop new functionality. We can help you in building custom features for web & mobile.

  • Evaluating the specification of your desired functionality.
  • Checking technical feasibility of implementing the functionality
  • Choosing the right tech stack
  • Developing the functionality
  • Implementing and verifying the feature’s mechanism
  • Optimizing the functionality for best performance
ecommerce store
ecommerce store

Integrating Flexible Payment Options for Global or Regional Market

Offer your customers a hassle-free shopping experience with secure and seamless payment options.

  • Identifying the best payment gateways
  • Obtaining a subscription to the preferred gateway
  • Configuring the payment gateway in the platform
  • Connecting the primary bank account with the payment gateway
  • Validating the checkout process
  • Ensuring compliance with accessibility, privacy, data security, and other norms.

Integrating Dynamic Product Management

Do you need to update your product list frequently? Our eCommerce store management services can help you set up a seamless inventory management system for your online store.

  • Taking a count of total product SKUs and inventory
  • Understanding the frequency of the product updates
  • Configuring dynamic inventory management form the backend
  • Testing and verifying the real time inventory update process
  • Providing a mechanism for backing up data
ecommerce store
ecommerce store

Tracking Real-Time Order & Returns

Allow your customers to track their orders in real time and get end-to-end updates on product returns and reimbursements.

  • Identifying average order return, quantity and frequency.
  • Identifying order delivery process or partner for the business.
  • Creating order tracking mechanism (for in-house delivery support).
  • Integrating third-party order mechanism (for external delivery support).
  • Integrating the payment system with the order tracking system
  • Verifying status alerts for order tracking and returns.
  • Verifying the inventory count based on returns.

Tracking Key Metrics With Advanced Analytics

Keep a track of all important metrics for the online store and never miss a single detail with our advanced analytics, get easy to read reports to make informed business decisions.

  • Identifying key metrics based on business objectives
  • Understanding user behavior and journey
  • Identifying best analytics tools for the platform
  • Setting up tracking codes with your online store for analytics.
  • Configuring specific goals based on the required metrics
  • Generating custom reports of your eCommerce store metrics.
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Why Is Galaxy A Trusted Partner For 200+ eCommerce Business Owners Over The Years?

Because we helped eCommerce Businesses:

Through market research, product differentiation, competitive analysis and strategy for retaining existing customers we analyzed specific actions and methods.

We analyzed costs, customer demand, and the competitive landscape to determine the optimal pricing strategy, we managed to create targeted lead generation strategy, sales process, and improved the efficiency of the sales team.

We analyzed the existing process to optimize resources like personnel, equipment, and materials, to reduce costs and understand the scope of automation. By integrating data management, workflow automation, and other functions we managed to improve speed and accuracy of operations.

We built personalized recommendations based on the user’s browsing and purchase history and added a simplified checkout process. This helped businesses create better marketing strategies for email, social media, etc., to encourage customers to make more purchases.

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Questions You May Have

E-commerce store management services streamline your inventory management process by automating product updates, tracking stock levels, and synchronizing inventory data across multiple sales channels.

Yes, we can provide complete ecommerce website services which includes migrating your existing eCommerce website to a new platform without losing any data or disrupting your business operations.

We implement robust security measures to protect your eCommerce websites and customer data, such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular security audits.

Choose the right platform, seamless payment options, visually appealing user interface, and integrate necessary features and functionalities. A digital transformation service provider can help guide you through the process and ensure your online store’s success.

We can provide integrations with popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and, as well as shipping providers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS.