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Is your online store failing to retain users and get high engagement?

performance audit

Does your store offer the best shopping experience on web and mobile? With our expert eCommerce optimization services always ensure optimal performance and security standards for your online store.

  • Reduce bounce rate by at least 20%
  • Improve average session duration by at least 30%
  • Decrease security vulnerability risks by 50%
  • Increase product page engagement by 40%

How We Can Help You Optimize Your Online Store Better?

performance audit

Conduct A Thorough Online Store Performance Audit

Get a detailed and in-depth performance audit report to identify areas of improvement for your online store

  • Evaluating your online store's design for visual appeal and ease of use
  • Assessing your eCommerce platform's back-end configuration, integrations, and features
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of third-party applications and their impact on performance
  • Reviewing product organization and categorization for optimal user experience
  • Inspecting and optimizing user journey across web and mobile platforms
  • Preparing in-depth performance audit report with recommendations

Optimizing Page Loading Time For Better User Experience

Improve the speed and responsiveness of your online store by implementing recommended store optimizations. Get faster page loading times, reduced bounce rates, improved sales, and better store performance.

  • Assess website structure, coding, design
  • Evaluate server, hosting, content delivery networks
  • Analyze media elements' impact on loading time
  • Investigate third-party scripts, plugins, integrations
  • Optimize critical rendering paths
  • Generate detailed speed analysis report
performance audit
performance audit

Detecting Vulnerabilities To Prevent Breaches

Safeguard your store by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security measures that protect your business and customers from potential breaches.

  • Conducting comprehensive security assessments to uncover weak points
  • Implementing timely updates and patches to platform, plugins, and themes
  • Monitoring and responding to unusual activities and potential threats
  • Training staff on security best practices and threat detection
  • Implementing security plugins and tools for added protection and threat prevention

Implementing High-End User Privacy Measures To Protect User Data

Improve your user’s privacy by applying better security frameworks and strategies to your online store.

  • Creating a clear and user-friendly privacy policy
  • Using strong data protection techniques like encryption and firewalls
  • Applying secure login methods like two-factor authentication
  • Reviewing permission based access to different sections of online store
  • Reviewing third-party tools for GDPR compliance
  • Monitoring and audit data protection measures
performance audit

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Why is Galaxy a trusted performance & security optimization partner for 200+ eCommerce business owners?

Because we helped eCommerce Businesses:

We helped businesses protect information like customer’s personal data, passwords, and payment information through regular audits, monitoring plugins, and predicting potential threats and reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

We achieved this improvement through UX research, responsive design, and intuitive information architecture, resulting in a more user-friendly online shopping experience. This comprehensive approach led to higher engagement, improved conversion rates, and increased user satisfaction.

We optimized the server, implemented caching solutions, optimized website code and performed regular software updates to help servers respond better using technical strategies that focus on minimizing response times.

We optimized image delivery through compression, responsive and lazy loading, and using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to improve website performance. This resulted in faster load times, better user experience, and increased engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.

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Questions You May Have

You should update your eCommerce store’s software as soon as new updates become available. These updates often include security patches and bug fixes that can improve your store’s performance and security. However, before updating, make sure to test the update on a staging site to ensure that it doesn’t cause any issues.

Yes, many finance custom development services offer ongoing support and maintenance for their projects. This may include bug fixes, updates, and new feature development.

The time required for optimizing your eCommerce site’s performance and security depends on factors like the store’s size, complexity, specific issues to be addressed, and the optimization level needed. After assessing your store and determining the scope of work, we’ll provide you with a completion timeline.

With our optimization services, you can experience enhanced loading speed, user experience, and performance, resulting in increased customer trust, reduced bounce rates, and fewer cart abandonments. We’ll provide regular updates and reports on key eCommerce performance metrics, including the results of our security & performance audit, for your store’s progress.

Our primary goal is to conduct a performance audit, enhancing your online store with minimal disruption. We’ll schedule maintenance during off-peak hours to reduce any impact on customers and sales.