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Looking to customize and launch your eCommerce store faster with the latest technology?

Modern eCommerce businesses are opting for headless commerce (a new approach that decouples front-end and backend) this allows faster development, better real-time updates, faster page loading and improved user experience.

  • Speed up go-to-market time by 25%
  • Boost overall store performance up to 30%
  • Increase user engagement across the site by 35%
  • Increase mobile responsiveness by 30%

How We Can Help You Build A Modern Store With Headless Commerce?

headless ecommerce platform

Recommending The Best Headless Commerce Platforms

Shopify Plus, Magento Commerce, BigCommerce - confused between different headless commerce platforms? Let us help you find the perfect match for your online store.

  • Understanding your business goals and desires
  • Exploring headless commerce choices
  • Picking the best headless eCommerce options for your web and mobile needs

Building Separate Front-End And Back-End Structures

We'll set up separate front-end and back-end structures to allow faster loading of specific sections instead of loading the entire page.

  • Setting up separate front-end and back-end structures, making sure your products are easy to navigate
  • Designing a unique look for your online store
  • Establishing the back-end with products and desired features
  • Linking external apps
  • Organizing your product selection
  • Checking the user flow for web and mobile devices
headless ecommerce platform
headless ecommerce platform

Individually Updating The Back-End & The Front-End

With Headless Commerce you don’t have to update the entire eCommerce store’s code. The front end and the backend can be updated individually for a seamless transition.

  • Isolating back-end and front-end code
  • Implementing a stable API for data exchange
  • Testing and monitoring updates for potential impact
  • Maintaining version control for seamless integration
  • Providing clear documentation for future updates

Adding Custom Plugins To Improve User Experience

Looking for features to enhance the shopping experience of customers? Add custom plugins designed specifically for headless commerce platforms.

  • Understanding desired features for your online store
  • Researching and selecting suitable plugins
  • Developing custom plugins for as per requirements
  • Integrating plugins seamlessly with your existing platform
  • Optimizing plugins for better performance
headless ecommerce platform
ecommerce store

Setting Up Hassle-Free Payment Methods

Looking to offer your customers a smooth and secure checkout experience? We will help you set up a variety of payment options that are user-friendly, secure and reliable.

  • Identifying popular and secure payment options
  • Integrating chosen payment gateways with your online store
  • Ensuring compatibility with various currencies and regions
  • Testing and optimizing the payment process for a glitch-free experience
  • Providing ongoing support and updates for payment methods

Providing Advanced Analytics For Improved Decision-Making

Want to make data-driven decisions for your online store? We provide advanced analytics to help you with timely and accurate reporting.

  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business
  • Selecting and integrating suitable analytics tools
  • Customizing data tracking and reporting to meet your needs
  • Training your team to interpret and utilize analytics data
  • Continuously monitoring and fine-tuning analytics for better insights
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Why do 50+ eCommerce Business Owners Trust Galaxy As Their Technology Partner for Headless Commerce Development?

Because we helped eCommerce Businesses:

We used APIs that are fast, reliable and scalable for better store performance. We also made sure that it is optimized for mobile devices for a seamless shopping experience. This resulted in increased revenue by 60%.

We leveraged headless architecture and used different technologies for each layer and speed up development time. Instead of building custom functionality, we used third-party integrations and plugins to save time and cost.

By implementing microservices architecture, we broke down the application into smaller and more manageable components for reducing development and maintenance costs.

We redesigned the layout and used simple navigation to ensure better usability and design. We also made sure the use of large images and videos is minimal to enhance performance and improve user engagement.

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Questions You May Have

A headless eCommerce CMS separates front-end and back-end operations, offering more flexibility in design and function. This decoupling allows for unique user experiences on different platforms, easy integration with external services, and improved scalability for your online store.

The time required to develop a headless eCommerce platform can vary depending on the complexity of the project, but it generally takes longer than traditional eCommerce development.

Yes, you can migrate your business from a traditional eCommerce platform to a headless eCommerce platform, but it will require careful planning and development work to ensure a smooth transition. Contact us for more information.

Yes, we do provide maintenance and support to keep your online store secure and up-to-date after development.

There is no exact answer to this question. The cost of development depends on multiple factors such as project complexity, features and more.