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Mobile App For Hotel Staff Management

The Client

Our client had an app idea for internal communication in hotels. He had the wireframes ready and needed someone to get on the project immediately. The goal was to facilitate smoother and faster communication amongst hotel staff through IM and instant notifications.

He had a few clients who already signed up for the app and wanted to use it for their internal management. They were also looking for something that updates them with real-time changes and guest logs.


  • Mobile App development
  • Updation Services
  • API Integration


Hotel staff communication with Mobile App


Hotel guests always look for excellent customer service, and staff collaboration is a must to ensure the same. Miscommunication amongst the staff leads to misinformed and gruntled guests.

Our client wanted to solve this significant problem at hotels. He aimed at bridging the communication and collaboration gap amongst the hotel staff. To fill this gap, our client had an idea of building a mobile application that connects hotel staff with each other. He was introduced to us by his friend, who was our client too. After a few initial discussions, we signed for the deal.

The Challenge

Our client had one very specific demand. He wanted us to build a hybrid mobile app that performs as good as a native version. We focused on developing a hybrid application and made sure that it was optimized for maximum performance. The only challenge, he wanted it in 4 weeks

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The Solution

We focused on client requirements from the beginning of the project. The client was technically aware and had participated closely in building wireframes for the app. He shared the wireframe along with API documents and wanted us to focus on the front-end development. He also had one specific request; all his projects were managed over Trello and he wanted us to use the same.

We are pretty flexible that way so we agreed!

This is an ongoing project and is pretty dynamic. The client iterates on-the-go and there have been times when we have made changes after implementation. We have assigned an executive who works closely with the client and ensures complete coordination. This helps us stay on the same page and makes things easier for the client.

We used ‘Cordova plugins’ that help in incorporating all the essential features to the mobile app, vis-a-vis, camera, location, battery and access to the logs. The plugins also helped in bridging the hybrid-native performance gap.

The client is still working on the app and iterates as per user reviews. He has asked for some critical additions for managing users and tasks and has requested for classification in messaging for Group, Public, and Private.

We are still working on the project. Apart from regular updates, we also take care of support and maintenance.

Humble brag: The client is highly appreciative of our spontaneity!

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