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Learning Solution for Commercial Transport Industry

The Client

LogicStrat, data mining and business intelligence for transportation services companies.


  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Backend Engineering
  • Lesson Content Development


PHP Moodle HTML5 jQuery MySQL


LogicStrats delivers data mining and business intelligence services to the commercial transportation industry. Recently, the company has recognized the industry’s need for a more efficient, ideally Web-based mode of corporate training for both skilled and unskilled labor, particularly in logistics where learning management, procurement, and compliance are major pain points. LogicStrats approached Galaxy to design and develop a Learning Management System (LMS) capable of solving these problems.

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The Challenge

The U.S. economy depends heavily on commercial transportation of all kinds to move merchandise, equipment and people. Unfortunately, the industry’s vast geographical footprint, mobile requirements, and dependence on a combination of skilled and unskilled labor have left it hamstrung by inflexible, costly, paper-based training services.

The Solution

Working with LogicStrat, galaxy customized the Moodle open source CMS to create a cloud-based LMS that allows transportation employees – regardless of location – to take assigned courses, watch and learn from training videos, and take exams. The system can be tailored for centralized or geographically diverse locations, with site administrators able to assign training lessons and monitor results.

Key features include:

  • Automatic training assignments based on user-submitted registration inputs
  • Progress reports and overdue alerts to managers
  • Pause and play functionality for mobile trainees
  • Grading and downloadable accreditation based on completed coursework
  • Scoring/grading transparency for end-users and administrators
  • Customizable reminders

The LMS built by Galaxy has opened a new business channel for LogicStrat, which sees enormous potential in scheduled distance learning for the massive commercial transportation industry.

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