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Freelance Brilliance or Bust: What You Must Know Before Bringing a Freelancer On Board

In the modern business landscape, the dynamics of work have undergone a significant shift. Traditional employment models are giving way to a more flexible approach, with companies increasingly turning to freelancers for a variety of reasons. where agility and expertise are prized, the decision of whether to hire a freelancer or collaborate with an agency […]

Rethinking KPIs in the time of a pandemic

Let’s start with looking at the bigger picture so far. The need to survive the pandemic is by no means exclusive to businesses — and this varies dramatically from one department to the next. CFOs are working with business teams to figure out business continuity plans. IT and design teams are trying to support employees […]

How we make remote design sprints work?

In an ideal scenario we would all be working alongside our teams in our lovely workspaces built for maximum productivity and collaboration. But since that is not the case and will remain unchanged for a while, the only option is to adapt. Considering the circumstances our design team like every other team has gone completely […]

3 Remote work problems and how to deal with them

Since Covid-19 is what everyone is talking about, so we are going to spare you the gruesome pandemic details. Instead we’re going to talk about remote work challenges and how to deal with it. In order to flatten the curve numerous industries have ceased operations, while some which can still be operational with distributed teams […]

Why should you outsource Digital Production?

When everybody is fighting for online presence and consumer’s limited attention, quality and scale of digital assets becomes time sensitive. You might have in-house digital production to address such needs. But the question you need to ask yourself is, can they do it well on a large scale and in a time crunch? It’s a […]