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Top 5 SAAS Trends to Watch in 2023

Top 5 SaaS Trends to Watch In 2023 SaaS in 2022 was all about growth and innovation, with a significant focus on giving customers the best possible experience. Thanks to COVID-19, the whole industry had to change radically in 2021 and 2022, but those changes were essential. If we look at the data, it’s clear […]

The Future of Cloud Computing: How Will Cloud Look Like in 2025

The Internet changed the way we communicate, share information, handle money transactions, and do shopping. Another defining change that the internet has facilitated is how we store information. Earlier, network servers were locked in secure rooms with only a few people having access to them. The internet and cloud computing decentralized the data. Data is now […]

What Is Functional Testing and Why Is It Important?

In this blog, we will answer every question you have regarding Functional Testing. What are its types, why is it important, when should you opt for Functional Testing, and the role of automation in functional testing?  What is Functional Testing? When software is tested against functional requirements or specifications to discover any bugs or defects, […]

5 Reasons Why Developers Think Headless CMS Is the Best

Headless CMS has gained popularity among developers, marketers, QA engineers, and even designers. And there is enough buzz in its favor, especially amongst developers, which shows that it is a promising technology. There are other CMS systems in place that seem to be doing well, but headless CMS is a definitive upgrade from them. Headless […]

Security in Public Cloud – How to Choose the Right Service Provider

While considering a public cloud service, you need to keep several important considerations in mind. One of the most important among those is cyber security. The features and capabilities your public cloud service provider employs to keep their networks and services safe and ultimately your data safe. There are three big players in the game; […]

The Top 7 Benefits of Building a Website on Umbraco CMS

A content management system (CMS) is an essential component of your online experience. As the digital landscape expands to include additional channels and touchpoints, a CMS must provide flexibility, robust content production tools, and efficient workflows to fuel customer journey content. There is an increasing number of solutions available, and this is where Umbraco CMS comes into the picture. […]

5 Best Practices to Make the Most Out of Manual Software Testing

Manual Testing aids in the detection of both hidden and evident software flaws. Despite the growing usage of automated testing, manual testing remains an important part of the software development process. Although the testing technique necessitates a large amount of time and work, it is necessary for the testing of freshly generated software. It ensures […]

How Headless CMS Helps Build Future-Proof Websites

The headless CMS space has earned a huge hype in recent years, leading to the excitement around a content management model. A Headless CMS is a back-end-only content management system (CMS) built as a content repository that allows you to create, manage, store, and publish content over APIs. The simple answer to “What is headless […]

5 Reasons Why Angular Is the Best for Enterprise Application Development

Google’s Angular is an open-source, dynamic, and feature-rich framework. Several enterprises use Angular to build powerful, stable, and large-scale applications. In an interview, Stephen Fluin, Developer Relations Lead at Google, discussed how many Fortune 500 companies have benefited from their Angular enterprise applications. Google, for example, uses hundreds of Angular applications for internal processes. These […]

A Comprehensive 9-Step Guide to Manual Testing

Manual testing is a time-consuming, but thorough process. The primary objective of manual testing is to test the product against defined requirements or user stories to identify problem areas. After identifying the bugs, the application is then reviewed and handed over to the development team where they resolve the problem areas. This leads to the […]