Go-to-Market Strategies For Early Stage Startups Recommended by Leading Tech Experts

Leverage strategies from real life experiences that have been proven to drive success in the dynamic tech landscape. Learn from experts who have helped 100+ startups launch successfully with their go-to-market strategies.

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Meet the Experts

Vikram Jain

CTO & Managing Partner

With over two decades of experience in IT, Vikram is a Chief technology officer at Galaxy Weblinks. He has experience of interacting, advising on technology and working with leading startups and enterprises across the globe.

Amit Bukhariya

Director of Engineering

Being in the industry for more than 15+ years and having worked with startups clients in the USA, Canada, UAE and UK, Amit is director of engineering at Galaxy and knows in and out of product engineering and best go to market strategies.

Animesh Jain

Associate Director of Engineering

Animesh is the associate director of engineering at Galaxy and has experience of working in IT for 15+ years. He has worked extensively with startups looking to build a mobile application with modern technologies like AI,AR and VR.

Dushyant Kanungo

Director of UX Studio

Dushyant heads the UX studio at Galaxy and has 18 years working in the digital domain. He regularly interacts with startup owners through work, webinars or conferences and has expertise in research & designing for startups.

Vivek Jha

Associate Director of Engineering

Vivek has experience of more than two decades in IT and is the associate director engineering at Galaxy. He works closely with startup founders for web app development or custom websites.

Who will benefit from this

  • You have a startup idea
  • You are looking to build MVP (minimum viable product)
  • You launched a new product & did not get success
  • You are stuck midway through development