Superior Flexibility
Simplified Localization
Easy User Management
Custom Front End
Integration ready
SEO friendly
Native E-commerce capabilities
$25 / HR

Why You Should Choose Us?

We are industry leaders with more than 20 years of development experience. We adopted Craft the week it was launched and have stuck to it for a lot of websites and projects. We are well-aware about the nitty-gritties of the CMS and how things should flow.

With more than 150 developers onboard, no project is unmanageable for us.

Craft CMS Services
  • Website Design with Craft CMS
  • Front-end development and Craft template integration
  • Craft CMS Plugin Development
  • API and 3rd party system Integration
  • Upgrading from Craft 2 to Craft 3
  • Craft CMS Support and Maintenance
  • E-Commerce solutions with Craft CMS and Craft Commerce
  • Craft CMS Training or Consulting
Hand Crafted Craft CMS Development

We are immensely proud of the projects we are a part of. With our experience, we always deliver on time and on budget. We believe in shipping!

Ready to talk?

If you’ve got a better mousetrap in mind or are struggling to make the most of the one you’ve already built, give us a shout out. Let us peek under the hood and give you an idea of how to do things right.

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"We knew we had a great idea. We just need an equally great partner to help us translate that idea into the kind of mobile application that would justify it. We found that partner in Galaxy"

Amy Baker
(President/Co Founder)