Product Planning and Documentation

‘What do you want?’ is probably universally the most difficult question to answer. The paradox of choice can confuse, baffle and perplex you. And product development is not immune to it.

If you are a startup, entrepreneur or business owner you will face innumerable choices when creating or scaling your product. Any and every decision including features, user interface, user experience, design, customer segmentation, outreach channel, messaging will need ‘planning’.

We at Galaxy, have worked with numerous technical business documents to help entrepreneurs plan products. Product planning must entail clear concise expectations, and must cover all business use cases.

We work with clients to help them imagine, plan and implement their ideal user’s flow. From proof-of-concept to minimum viable product to design, implementation and testing, we focus on the entirety of the project not just coding. When business owners think of adding features, we think of seamless user flow.

However, your planning should not just document what you want, but also how it can be achieved. We help our clients decide not only that they want a cart, but also how it should look and function. To elaborate, that it should be a tap on mobile screen, but a dropdown on web.

We help you plan your product by

  • Helping you with wireframes
  • Suggesting UI workflows
  • Creating working prototypes
  • Planning your DB architecture
  • Designing alpha release
  • Continuing improvements in agile development