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What is a UX Audit?

UX Audit is a process of identifying usability issues on your website that are preventing your customers from making a purchase. A good audit also offers solutions to the gaps identified in the report. When your store is getting good traffic but has low conversions, doing a UX Audit can help.

Why do you need a UX Audit?

Find patterns in customer behavior

Identify the customers’ buying habits, trends, and the factors influencing their behavior on your website to better understand your customer base.

Detect customer experience issues

The better the usability, the more customers will engage with your store — design changes that drive a high impact on conversion.

Fill the gaps with expert guidance

User Experience experts lay out recommendations that will help you fix issues that cause friction for your customers.


What is included in our UX Audit report?

A UX Audit starts with a full analysis and assessment of your website.

Detailed Usability Analysis

Determine user satisfaction by testing the product with users, identifying usability problems, analyzing the data, and identifying any bugs.

Conversion Blockers

The report covers all the conversion roadblocks with research-backed suggestions for optimizing conversion rates.

Website Performance Insights

Provides a detailed UX performance report, used for direct UX performance comparison against competitors.

Accessibility Audit

Evaluation of the accessibility of your website or mobile app for the customers, a more thorough audit would also include internal-facing intranets.

User Journey Analysis

Understand the product from the customer's perspective to understand and redesign the user experience.

Competitive Analysis

Provide competitive analysis and strategic insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings evoked by the design solutions.