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Ethical MVP Development Mania: Balancing Innovation with Ethics in the 2024 Gold Rush

The allure of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in today’s tech landscape remains undeniable. Remember 2015, when Spotify, a fledgling music streaming service, disrupted the industry with its user-centric MVP, capturing millions overnight? That success story exemplifies the power of the ethical MVP development approach. Fast forward to 2024, and the “MVP gold rush” is […]

Balancing Budget and Quality: Innovations in Cost-Effective Product Development

In the tech industry, balancing innovation with budget constraints is a key challenge, especially for startups and SMBs trying to develop cost-effective products. Statistics show that about 90% of startups fail, often due to budget overruns or misaligned market fit, as stated in a report. This blog post addresses how technology products can be developed […]

How To Build An MVP That Helps You Raise Investment For Your Startup Idea

According to Moneyzine report of 2023, 47% of startups eventually fail due to a lack of funding. These startups struggle to secure funding due to the lack of a compelling business model, insufficient market research, inexperienced team, and an absence of demonstrated traction. To overcome hurdles and increase chances of success, startups need to effectively […]

The 2023 MVP Development Checklist For Startups To Start Your Unicorn Journey

56% of startups fail simply because they ignore product market fit or product validation before they skip the process of validating the market and directly proceed to develop a full-fledged product.  The challenge in creating a complete product is that it needs a significant investment of around $50,000 to $100,000. Additionally, it usually takes a […]

Build Better Apps in Less Time: 5 Reasons to Choose Low Code MVP Development

As of 2022, nearly 3 million apps are available for download on the Google Play Store. And of all people, millennials are the most active app users, with 21% opening an app 50 or more times per day. Your analytics will reveal that most website traffic comes from mobile users. That’s why startups today want […]