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Idea Validation for Startups in 2024: Ensuring Your Product Fits The Market

2023 was a year of reckoning for the startup ecosystem. The heady days of unicorn valuations gave way to a sobering reality, with global venture capital investment plunging 38% compared to 2022. Seed-stage funding, the lifeblood of early-stage ventures, dropped by over 20%, forcing investors to prioritize established businesses with clearer paths to profitability. (Crunchbase) […]

Moving from Idea to MVP: Enroute Hustle

Building the MVP the right way After ages of working on the idea and dreaming the dream (impostor syndrome is cruel, ain’t it?), you have decided to go ahead for the MVP. You have a clear idea of what it should do and how you want it to look. The narrative is ready. All good […]