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React Native vs Flutter: Choosing the Best Hybrid Framework for Mobile App Development

Developing apps for iOS and Android using one code base is a tempting proposition. With the introduction of React Native in 2015, the already disruptive hybrid app development framework gained momentum. Prominent organizations like UberEats, Discord, and Facebook are moving their apps to React Native. Fast-Forward to 2017, Google introduces the alpha version of their […]

8 Prerequisites to Ensure Before Launching a Mobile Application

You‘re done with the various stages of development of your app and now are getting ready for deployment and a flashy launch. While you are overburdened with numerous issues that crop up in the testing and deployment phase, you must give due diligence to the pre-launch.  From building dedicated websites for your application to search […]

7 Signs Your Business Need a Mobile App And How To Build One

A majority of people conduct their business on their smartphones. Moving to mobile is thus a smart way to reach your target audience. However, you must ensure that your application will be beneficial to both your customer and your brand.  How would you know if an app is right for your company? And once you’ve […]

The Cost of Building a Mobile App in 2021

What is the ballpark of building a mobile application? There are hundreds of estimates available on the web for this answer. However, they happen to be just that – an estimate. Now we know that developing a mobile application may have numerous variables.  Your mobile application may end up costing $15,000 to $250,000 based on […]

Unveiling Android 12 | Updates and Enhancements

The developer preview of Android 12 is now available and Google has placed heavy emphasis on app compatibility, privacy, and accessibility of all users. As always, Pixel phones will be the first to receive the update probably around September 2021, followed by billions of other android phones.  In this preview, the UI receives some tweaks […]

Flutter 1.22 Update| All You Need To Know

Google has released Flutter 1.22 on October 1st, 2020 following the 1.20 release in August. This update is focusing on syncing well with iOS 14 and Android 11 updates, among other features. This cross app development platform is set to make developers and app users happy. So let’s see how this will happen.  Flutter iOS […]

Android 11 | The update we didn’t know we needed

Google with its Pixel event and launch of two new phones, started rolling out the latest Android 11 OS. Like always, the Pixel phones are the first ones in getting an update and the rest of the devices will get the updates based on their OEMs and how they optimize the new OS for their […]

The ultimate best practices guide to a robust mobile application

No software is perfect, just like humans. But the pursuit of perfection is not futile. If you look around the web you’ll find thousands, maybe millions of posts telling you how to code, improve performance & stability, scale, and secure your applications. What you might not find is a comprehensive guide that has all the aspects […]

Older Apps Might Become Useless After Android P

Google recently came up with a developers’ preview for Android P. The developers have now found a new class in the latest Android P Dev Preview. It sets a minimum API version apps on Play Store. So, in Android P, if an app is not meeting the minimum API requirements, the OS will pop up […]