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5 Steps for Effective Performance Testing: A Practical Guide

Applications are becoming increasingly complex and with a reduced development cycle. This necessitates the adoption of new, agile development and testing methodologies. Application performance as a component of the overall user experience is now among the most important aspect of application quality.  Sequential projects with static qualification/implementation/test phases that postpone performance testing until the end […]

How to Ensure Your SaaS Application’s Performance as Designed

Internet users expect web content and apps to load within seconds. They want a fast and seamless digital experience on all their devices. The need for speed and seamless performance is a given now (for both users and business owners). Consumers abandon slow-loading websites, without completing the desired action. High performance is important and a […]

What Is Functional Testing and Why Is It Important?

In this blog, we will answer every question you have regarding Functional Testing. What are its types, why is it important, when should you opt for Functional Testing, and the role of automation in functional testing?  What is Functional Testing? When software is tested against functional requirements or specifications to discover any bugs or defects, […]

5 Best Practices to Make the Most Out of Manual Software Testing

Manual Testing aids in the detection of both hidden and evident software flaws. Despite the growing usage of automated testing, manual testing remains an important part of the software development process. Although the testing technique necessitates a large amount of time and work, it is necessary for the testing of freshly generated software. It ensures […]

A Comprehensive 9-Step Guide to Manual Testing

Manual testing is a time-consuming, but thorough process. The primary objective of manual testing is to test the product against defined requirements or user stories to identify problem areas. After identifying the bugs, the application is then reviewed and handed over to the development team where they resolve the problem areas. This leads to the […]

Performance Testing: An Overview of its Importance, Metrics, and Examples

The performance of your software is important for its success. Project managers, developers, and marketers measure the performance using testing tools to know how an app is performing when live. Performance testing has its own set of challenges. For instance, changes in application behavior in scaled-down environments. However, we must first understand why performance testing […]

Comparing and Evaluating the Best QA Automation Tools of 2021

A test automation tool helps teams and organizations automate their software testing process. Automation reduces the need for human intervention, achieving greater speed, reliability, and efficiency. Software is getting more and more complex. Consumer demands are growing. This leaves developers under constant pressure to deliver new apps and updates fast. Regardless of the pressure, software […]

Code Review | Foolproof Your Software Quality

Code reviews can be tedious and if the code is somebody else’s then some frustration is justified. However, code reviews do save a lot of time and keep breaking errors in check.  Based on the scale of your project you can either go with peer review or with group review. When you’re confident about your […]

Test-Driven Development (TDD): How to choose the Right Team To Drive TDD (Part 1)

This is the first in a series of blog posts in which we outline the benefits of TDD for your organization and what are the projects to consider while adopting this agile process. Link of Part Two. Test-Driven Development essentially lets the testing process drive the development and design of your application. This incorporates acceptance […]