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Scala v/s Java | Approach & performance overview

Scala is a derivative of Java, but comparisons can’t be avoided. These languages share similarities to some extent and differences too, but they are not meant to replace each other. Wanna know why? Let’s dive in deeper! Java is Object Oriented programming language that focuses on the manipulation of the provideddata by making it available […]

Angular 7 upgrade | What will you miss if you ignore?

Angular 6, released earlier in May 2018 didn’t offer much improvements on the performance part. It was mainly focused on making Angular migration-friendly. Google dropped Angular 7 just after four months of development and it seems to make up for that part of the framework. The upgrade was released on October 18 followed by an […]

Craft & its Plugins | A transforming workflow

We like to think of Craft CMS as a Transformer (one with BumbleBee as his friend) and plugins as its Jet Pack. And every time we develop a plugin for Craft, it helps our Craft projects reach client’s expectations. Craft is a powerful CMS and its developers have left a lot of scope for extensibility. […]

How Zeplin Transforms Agile Workflows?

With 71% of businesses using Agile approaches, tools like Zeplin are becoming more and more important. They’re not just facilitating smoother workflows; they’re reshaping how teams collaborate on software development. Zeplin, specifically, has made notable strides in this area, revolutionizing the way design and development teams interact. Design Systems and Zeplin: A Synergy for Success […]

Drupal 8.6 update. What’s new?

Keeping up with the promises made during earlier announcements, Drupal released the 8.6 version on September 5. The update comes with significant additions. Drupal 8.6 now supports MySQL 8. Also, with this update a monolingual Drupal 6 site can be migrated to Drupal 8 directly from the user interface. Multilingual website migration using the UI […]

Magento 1 End Of Life: It’s time to migrate to Magento 2

Magento announced that it is pulling the plug on Magento 1 in April 2017 at the ‘Meet Magento’ conference in Prague. The announcement caused a frenzy amongst developers and business owners. However, Magento later cancelled the End of Life and announced an 18-month notification policy for the EOL date. Even though the End of Life […]

ACF vs Visual Composer website builder: Which is better?

Building a WordPress website? The WordPress community provides you with plenty of options. You can either make an easy one using WordPress themes or a custom one using website builders. A website builder is the most convenient way to make a personalised website. WordPress community provides you with a ton of free and paid builders […]

How to use Macros with Twig in Craft CMS — DRY

Templating is one of the most commonly used processes in web development. It helps with easier management during the development & design process. Apart from the management, templating helps with keeping the visual consistency. Craft CMS comes with a cool templating engine — Twig. And we love to use macros to work on redundant parts while working […]

How to migrate a Craft 2 project to Craft 3?

Craft 3 update changed a lot of things. Added functionalities aside, the process of installing and maintaining the CMS also changed with this breakpoint release. Craft 3 almost makes it necessary to migrate your website from Craft 2. It is better in every aspect, including security and the extended plugin store. The store comes with […]

More Craft CMS Features: Matrix and Its Powerful Friends

Craft CMS’s consistency can be seen in its regular updates & latest features. Matrix is one of those early features that helped Craft dominate the CMS game. Matrix is the protagonist of the Craft’s story since its inception but there are some unsung heroes that need some attention too. Categories & Tags in Craft CMS […]