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Debug Tool in Craft 3: Here’s all you need to know about it

Before introducing the Debug Tool in Craft 3, Craft CMS made you install a separate web-based application, Web-Console. You could run shell commands on your server to check for errors and missing elements in the written code. Not a fancy deal though! Especially when Craft 3 was designed to be a problem-solver. The lack of […]

How to Setup a New Project in Craft CMS 3

There are two ways you can set up a new project in Craft 3, vis-a-vis, via Composer and Manual. Both the methods require extensive technical expertise & understanding of Craft CMS. With Composer method you have to know your commands and what you’re doing with them but in case of the manual method you just […]

How To Create A Content Builder In Craft CMS?

The digital marketplace of 2024 places a critical demand on brands to transcend the confines of static, rigid templates and deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences. Content Builder in Craft CMS emerges as a revolutionary tool, enabling businesses to create customized, engaging content without the constraints of coding. This innovation allows for the crafting of immersive […]

Craft CMS Vs WordPress: Why Choose Craft?

We are not saying that we do not like WordPress but old man has to move the order to pave way for new and what better than Craft CMS to do so. The key difference is how both the CMSs approach development. WordPress is a have-it-all and pick what you need approach, while Craft is […]

Google Rolls Out Mobile-First Indexing for Web Content

Google recently announced Mobile-First Indexing after a year and half of extensive experimenting and testing. The search engine giant will start migrating sites that follow best practices for Mobile-First Indexing. Google’s algorithm will now prioritize websites with a mobile version when searched from a smartphone. It will now consider mobile sites as the first node […]