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The Cost of Building an Ecommerce Website

Do you wish to start an online business and would like to know how much it would cost? How we wish there was a simple answer to this question. Numerous factors come into play while developing an Ecommerce website, and each of them will have an impact on the overall cost. You can overshoot your […]

Dos and Donts to Keep in Mind for Building an Ecommerce Website

Despite stiff competition from the brick-and-mortar stores, the Ecommerce space is thriving.  In the post-pandemic world, people are likely to opt for online shopping for their regular and not-so-regular shopping. If you currently run an online business or plan to launch an Ecommerce venture soon, you have a great chance of success.  We would however […]

5 High Impact Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

Every business owner wants to increase traffic on their ecommerce website. Because more traffic translates to greater conversions. However, getting more traffic is not as easy as just saying that you need more traffic.  It’s crucial for growth and survival when you’re starting and it’s essential to sustain when you’re mainstream. In this blog, we’ll […]

7 Clever Ways to Boost Ecommerce Store Sales in 2021

Increasing conversions and enhanced customer engagement is the primary goal of all Ecommerce businesses, both large and small. This leads to more sales. However, increasing sales and conversions is not a cakewalk.  There are numerous ways to increase your online sales, many that can be implemented with an immediate effect. We have curated 7 such […]

Optimize your Ecommerce Website for More Conversions

Like all businesses, Ecommerce stores are also in the race of chasing numbers. They make efforts to increase the website traffic, thereby, to reach a satisfactory conversion rate mark. Website traffic also happens to be essential for your business to thrive. Unlike brick and mortar stores, ecommerce stores can take numerous initiatives to increase their […]

How to Choose the Right Shopify Development Partner?

Ecommerce has been growing at a swift pace along with the several platforms such as Shopify over which these websites are built. Building your company’s online Shopify store is similar to building your new house and choosing the right Shopify development company is very crucial. There are a lot of moving parts to analyze, design, […]

GWL 2020 Wrapped: Top 10 Blogs You Must Read for App/Website Design & Development

At Galaxy Weblinks, we build high-performing software solutions that help teams scale. And write about it in the process. You may have spotted us on some of the popular platforms such as Hackernoon, The Startup, Level Up Coding, and Muzli to name a few. In hopes of helping you fine-tune your design and development strategy, […]

5 ways to optimize your ecommerce website for Voice Search

Voice search is at its peak in popularity among millions of users. According to an OC&C Strategy Consultants market research, Voice Shopping is projected grow to be a $40 billion plus segment in next two years. Numbers alone are a proof that voice assisted interactions are no longer exclusive to accessibility. Your customers are now […]

A failproof Magento 2 migration plan

Editor’s note: If you are still wondering ‘Do I really need to upgrade to Magento 2’, we recommend reading our 5 reasons why you should migrate to Magento 2 blog. Alternatively, you can take a leaf out of the book of Land Rover, Helly Hansen, Byredo, and thousand other brands who upgraded their Ecommerce websites […]

Is Hyper-Personalization the key to your E-commerce growth?

Hello (Inserts your First name), All of us have received emails/ sms notifications, social media ads, that are sharing offers and discounts on the products that we have been eyeing. Hyper personalization takes the basic information as the starting point of its research and then gets to know you better with the help of Artificial […]